Are YOU a Business Owner of a Service Business and Want a More
Predictable and Consistent Sales System?


Are you Tired of Feeling Like You Go from a Feast to a Famine
When it Comes to Selling and Delivering?

Are You TIRED of Having to Sell One to One, Which is SO Time Consuming, and
You Know There is Little or No Leverage?

The reality is, the majority of  Business Owners struggle with digital marketing and how to use a one-to-many selling system.
You don't want to waste time or money on a complex tech set-up that’s all but guaranteed to be a glitchy disaster.
And don’t worry you are not alone.
You’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to discover more...


Discover the 5 STEPS to IMPLEMENTING a “One-To-Many” Selling System to Scale and Automate Your Growth and FINALLY create more Profits, Freedom, and Energy for Yourself.

Over the last 5 years Mike’s been helping Business Owners of service businesses and Industry Experts monetise their expertise and leverage their time.

As a result, they have stopped trading time for money, and have gotten rid of the many frustrations that go with selling one-to-one; they now have more choices, and better lifestyles.

Mike’s taken that process and put it with the best part of 14 years experience running a service business and marketing over a 106 different professional business speakers and experts to the New Zealand business market.

And created a system and methodology he calls the "5 Steps to Implementing a One-To-Many Selling System".

And he’s going to help 7 people implement this 5 step blueprint over a 6 week boardroom bootcamp event programme.


5 Steps to Implementing a One-to-Many Selling System

Give Me Just 8 Weeks and Your
Modern One-to-Many Selling System Will Be Done!

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Let me ask you this?

Are you just overwhelmed when it comes to technology, your email list and your sales funnel is a “work in progress"?

The idea of implementing a one-to-many selling system has been top of mind for a while... but it's lumped in with the thousands of other tasks on your list, and it's been relegated to your "some-day I'll" list, which keeps eating at you?

Perhaps you've gotten pre-occupied with email listing building, content marketing, or creating other fancy funnels?

I bet the idea of implementing a one-to-many selling system has never slipped to far down the bottom of your to-do list, because deep down you know that implementing a successful one-to-many selling system is your key to scaling and automating your growth and finally creating more money, freedom, energy for yourself.

Look, even if you feel you're slightly behind the eightball ... and the opportunity has passed you by ... that webinar attendance is challenging with peoples attentions spans shortening - and ad costs increasing (and while you'd wouldn't be wrong about some of these issues).

The good news is, there is still a way for you to be ahead of the curve of the next phase of one to many selling.

There is still time for you to create a simple yet massively profitable one-to-many selling system that allows you to quickly scale up and put your profit-generating machine on autopilot.

Here’s My Promise to You

"At the end of this programme, you’ll have your One-To-Many Selling platform in place and you'll be ready to successfully launch your very own one-to-many selling system."

“I’ve never heard anyone explain automation like Mike. You’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t listen to him. It’ll be the best investment in your business this year.”

Stephen Martin – Just Results

“If you think your business is missing out on profits then get to this workshop. Mike will show how to automate your marketing so that it works for you 24/7.”


Scott Wilson – Digital Influence

“You have an awesome understanding of how to use marketing automation in a way that allows small businesses to get measurable results, while saving their most valuable commodity, time!”

Hamish Conway – New Economy

“Mike’s knowledge and expertise over a broad range of areas has been of great assistance to help me develop my business.”


Suzanne Masefield – The Body Language Company

There is ZERO CORRELATION betwen
How Good You Are At What You Do, and
How Successful Your Business Is!

Here Are The 3 Reasons Why People Fail

Info Obesity

It's so easy to quickly slip into the overwhelmed mode. You feel like you are a possum caught in the headlights, especially when it comes to technology and learning what’s required to join the digital marketing dots. You hear people say to you “You Just Do This”, and then get completely overwhelmed with what it takes to “just do that!”

No Clear Path

Without a map, you end up feeling like you are running around in circles. Or you go down one path only to find you have to turn around and back track. All that effort, all your precious time - Wasted! The good news is, there is a step by step, paint by numbers process you can follow to avoid wasting countess hours, that will get you to where you want to go.

Seduced by Social Media

When you look at your FB feed, all you see is NOISE. You get seduced by the NOISE, and the noise is 90% about one step, in what is a multi-step process. As result, you end up trying to fill your bath with prospects, while your plug is painfully sitting on the bench. It’s time to put the plug in your bath, and get this done!

“Better Than a Thousand Days of Diligent Study
is One Day with a Great Teacher”

-Helen Arnold

Why Am I Doing This?

It frustrates me when I see talented people - business owners who have information, experience and expertise that can really make a difference, and they’re struggling and confused about how to position, package and sell their expertise online in a much more leveraged way.

And I firmly believe that in order to IMPLEMENT, you need to do this LIVE and IN PERSON. While online programmes are great, the far majority of people I talk with never get traction or simply get overwhelmed by the amount of information they have to digest, BEFORE being able to start joining the dots when it comes to technology and do the DOING.

A Couple of Things You Should Know About Me

I’m a local guy. I’m not some guy just out of university, or a guy from a corporate who’s left his job and taken to teaching digital marketing. That’s not me. I’ve been running my own businesses, and have been in the trenches since I was 22 years old.

I’ve been living and breathing this stuff full-on for the last 5 years. In fact, I’m certified by one of the top marketing automation platforms in the world. I love leverage and systems! So much so, I franchised my last business. Maybe you can relate to this...I get really annoyed at not being able to use what was done before to repeat a process again.

And if you’ve ever heard of Wealth Dynamics, it will be no surprise to you, my personality profile is a Mechanic.

I'm all about LEVERAGE!!


I've been around the B2B marketing, speaker, trainer, consulting, and learning and development industry since I was about 22, that’s about 25 years. I have been fortunate to share the stage and spend time with some of the world's best business thought leaders, speakers, and business experts, like Michael E. Gerber, and Brian Tracey, over the years.

Like many Business Owners that start and run a service based business, I understand what it's like to be a "Reluctant Marketer". A reluctant marketer is often from a technical background and finds themselves running a business, without any sales and marketing background. Yet, now-a-days, it's all about the marketing!


Along the way, I became an award-winning entrepreneur, franchised and built a business to over 7 figures.

People tell me, what I don't know about marketing automation, sales funnels, and leveraged selling, isn't worth knowing.

I believe learning that is live, and in-person is best, as there is no excuse for it not to get done.

I'm obsessed with helping Business Owners learn, leverage and liberate themselves from their business.

All this means is, when it comes to the tech side of your business you are in expert hands, and I've got you covered.

Based on the Experiences of Over 30,000 Businesses …. And Here’s What A Few of Them Have Achieved.

Increased Annual Revenue
by 69%

CleanCorp Cleaning Service.

A Young Australian Finds Success through Quality Service and Automation.

Doubled Client Base and Revenue

Gleason Financial Services.

A busy husband-and-wife business saves money and gains more family time.

Increased Revenue from $40,000 to $625,000

LeftFoot Training Academy.

Soccer trainer finds space to help young athletes grow.

Increased lead capture
by 308%

Iron Tribe Fitness

Two guys. Six gyms. And the start of a franchise.

5 Steps to Implementing a One-to-Many Selling System

Give Me Just 8 Weeks and Your
Modern One-to-Many Selling System Will Be Done!

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Doubled revenue in less than a year

Blue Cow Creative Design.

Creative agency discovers a better way to build great client relationships.

Reduced work week by 37%

H.U.M.A.N. Healthy Vending.

Successful startup finds a healthier way to sign new vendors.

Grew marketing list by 500%

Original Runner Company

Celebrity favorites go from index cards to all-in-one automation.


Quadrupled the number of new leads

Presidential Pools

Pool builder automates lead capture and campaigns to boost upsell revenue.

Here’s What You’ll Be Doing


5 Steps to Implementing a One-to-Many Selling System

Give Me Just 8 Weeks and Your
Modern One-to-Many Selling System Will Be Done!

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